Sunday, February 6, 2011

Indian Ladies Open Breast

Today we will talk about bullshit. bullshit as it is spending $ 40 pesos in starbucks for a coffee .. but who cares? matters if you get 8 hours Internet stealing .. Another
is bullshit weather hermosillo ... to see you bastard ... or does cold or hot , there is no choice. but one day going to the movies in short sleeves and the other of these cagandote cold at 0 degrees.
but what if it's a bullshit . is to pay the last semester of college and that the subjects are wearing a shit and want to go far to Verg every time you have a class .. as always .. Always a class is worse than the other .. And never-ending!

GOD! .. I have only to put this 2 months and pass all subjects and this was over.

susy ...


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